Today we are going to talk about how the Searchable.Church program is stronger and more effective for every participating church by harnessing an incredibly powerful collective effort.

Before we start:
You may have seen us encouraging you to share this program with associates or colleagues who are in the ministry before.  The reason that we want you to share this program is not that we want to grow the Searchable.Church program or brand.  In fact, to be clear, none of this is about us….it’s about you!  We are simply trying to help you reach people through your church or ministry that need to hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So, if you haven’t done so already, SHARE this program.

The Keyword Traffic

MapAs we discussed in the email yesterday, there are very real numbers of real people googling important and profound questions.  The sheer numbers of people who are consulting google for their deep, oftentimes existential questions means that there is a huge need for people willing to get in front of these seekers and answer their questions from a Christian worldview.

The picture of the heat map above shows the physical location of the seekers who are coming into the Searchable.Church program.  If the arrangement looks familiar, it’s because the traffic patterns and keyword search patterns basically follow along with demographic density maps.  More searches come from areas of higher population density.

It Takes a Village

In order to be able to keep up with the massive number of people who are searching for important questions on google, it requires a few collective efforts.

These collective efforts are:

  • A Collective Ad Buying Power
  • A Collective Response Network
  • A Collective Church Network to Welcome Seekers

A Collective Ad Buying Power

As you have probably seen mentioned on our website, or in an ad on Facebook, one part of the Searchable.Church program involves us helping you secure and utilize a Google Adwords Grant that awards 501c(3)s up to $10k/mo in in-kind adwords spend.

That’s fantastic news for 501c(3)s, but we have found that many 501c(3) churches either don’t have the time or expertise to get anywhere close to utilizing the entire $10k/mo in ad spend.  That’s where the other part of our service comes in.  We are able to provide you with free Adwords Campaign Management in order to help you successfully harness the targeted traffic that could come from $10k/mo in Adwords spend.

Now, $10k/mo is great, and all, but that still wouldn’t get the American church anywhere close to being able to meet the need of all of the Seekers who are turning to google to answer their important questions.

That’s where the Collective Buying Power of the entire Searchable.Church program comes in.  With each new Searchable.Church participating church, we get closer and closer to being able to point each one of these online Seekers towards Christ through a church website.

It truly is, the more, the merrier.

A Collective Response Network

We believe that every time the Gospel is presented online, there should also be a clear opportunity for the Seeker to respond and explore the Gospel further by engaging with a dedicated Christian.  With Searchable.Church, those responders are are the dedicated Pastors at each one of our churches.

There is a clear “value ad” for online Seekers in having the ability to directly access a Pastor in order to talk about important spiritual topics or Gospel-related issues.  Again, in order to meet the demand of the sheer number of people who might be interested talking to a Pastor after hearing the Gospel message, we need to harness the Collective Response Network that is built into the Searchable.Church program through the Pastoral staff of each church.

A Collective Church Network to Welcome Seekers

The final, and most powerful piece of the Collective nature of Searchable.Church, is the idea of having a large, dedicated Collective of churches who are ready and willing to physically welcome Seekers into their doors.

We should never take for granted the novelty of someone googling a question, that leads them to an online ad, that shows them a Gospel video, that then provides them an opportunity to talk to a Pastor, who then invites them to attend a church.  If that person makes the leap from relative online anonymity to being willing to show up at a church on Sunday morning, how amazing is that?!

The Lord truly moves in miraculous ways.