Have your or your pastoral staff given considerable thought to the idea of expanding your church’s influence and missional effectiveness through an Online Outreach program, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet?  Or maybe you don’t know where to start?

We sat down with Jay Kranda, Online Pastor at Saddleback Church, to discuss the broad-strokes basics of Online Outreach.

The Basics of Online Outreach

Jay Kranda knows a thing or two about Online Outreach. As the pastor for an Online Campus that sees more than 20,000 people attend church remotely every week, Jay is constantly engaging with, discipling and leading church members from all over the country. As a part of Saddelback’s Online Campus, he oversees 700 Online Groups and 1,000 Home Groups.  When we chatted with him he had just gotten off of a Zoom Meeting with one of his Online Church members who lives in Wales.  The internet truly has no borders.

For this discussion, we wanted to focus on the Basics of Online Outreach.  Not every church has the resources and influence that Saddleback has, but every church has the power of the internet at their disposal.

We hope this training is helpful if you are considering an Online Outreach program at your church. Let us know what topics interested you the most!