These days more churches than not are utilizing a church website (and even a social media presence), which makes us super excited! As we’ve mentioned in the past two days, we have never lived in a time where information is so accessible. Churches can and should take advantage of the digital tools at their disposable to broadcast to the world what they believe.

The Average Church Website

The average church website is a great place for church-goers and congregations to find important information about their church. It’s a great place for people in the community who are looking at visiting a church to find information about service times and locations and usually to learn a little bit about the Pastoral Staff. The average church website is usually very church-centric.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it serves a very important person. However, when we are thinking about reaching people online, we look at the types of questions and needs that online seekers have. When you think about their needs, and about the fact that they may not be the type of person who usually visits a church, it requires optimizing parts of a church website for seekers.

The Searchable.Church Website

searchable church website

As a part of the Searchable.Church program, we help you set up a section of your website that is Seeker – Friendly. By that, we mean that it speaks in a clear conversational way about the Gospel and invites the Seeker to watch a Gospel video and engage with the Pastoral Staff. These pages are optimized for a variety of keywords, issues and questions that a normal church website might not be optimized for.

We make every effort to aesthetically match the rest of your website, and to be clear, we don’t change the rest of your website in any way. The point is to add pages to your website where the Gospel is presented in a way that a Seeker would respond to.

Those are the pages that we help you drive traffic to from the Google Ads. It’s a really amazing thing to have a website that is optimized both for your congregation and for non-church goers.