One of the most effective ways of engaging with “seekers” through the internet is by presenting them with a video presentation of the Gospel. What do these videos look like? And what does it mean to present the Gospel to someone on the internet? The answer is actually very straightforward.

Our History

For years, we have been presenting the Gospel to Seekers online through short, direct Gospel Presentation videos. We have made a literal study of figuring out how we can successfully get Seekers to engage with these videos. We have tried different formats, and different styles. For the Searchable.Church program, we have brought everything that we know about this type of Gospel presentation, and will also continue to test new ideas.

An Invitation

We have found three recurring themes in our most effective Gospel videos.

  1. They acknowledge the “Journey” of the Seeker.
  2. They clearly present the Gospel in a conversational way.
  3. The invite the Seeker to respond.

the gospel video

Rather than listing out a calculated list of theological qualifications for salvation, we choose to take the opportunity and the time we have in front of Seekers to simply point them towards Jesus, and remind them that they are loved and cherished. Our hope is that this initial presentation of the Good News of Christ would prompt them to respond and connect with a Pastor. We pray that once they have connected in real life, the Holy Spirit will be able to utilize that connection to work out their Salvation.

You can see some of the Gospel Presentation that we use on our CVNA Youtube Channel.