Has Your Church Struggled With Social Media?

We recently sent out a survey to our CV Outreach partners asking them about their church’s relationship with social media.  The results we got back were fascinating.

The data that we found told a clear story.  Churches understand the value of social media in 2017.  They use social media for outreach purposes and engaging their congregation, but they struggle to find the time to fully invest in social media platforms, and they don’t have the budget to pay for social media management services or staff.

For most churches, it turns out that social media has become an integral part of their ministry. And why not?  Social media is the front door of the internet and is all about facilitating connections.  So, if churches are interested in connecting with people, social media is a great use of time.

When we look at the results of this study, we see that 94% of churches find value in social media, while only 77% of them pay for someone to manage their social media presence.  93% of churches also consider their social media strategy to be part of their outreach efforts, and when we look at which platforms churches are using, Facebook is the clear favorite, with almost 100% of respondents reporting that their church uses Facebook.

churches relationship with social media infographic

At CV Outreach, we are all about connecting Seekers with the church, and the results of this campaign really got us thinking.  How can we help churches in their social media presence?  Specifically, how can we help churches utilize social media in effective outreach strategies to people who wouldn’t normally engage with church social media accounts?

Announcing Social Partners

We are excited to announce a brand new program available under the CV Outreach banner called Social Partners.  The idea of Social Partners is simple.  We want to help your church have an effective and engaging social media strategy that is tailor-made for Seekers. 

The way we do that is by providing our Social Partners with access to high-quality video content from our CV Content Vault. We also give away free graphic images that are optimized for social media, as well as providing sample social media posting templates, strategies, and tutorials.

The CV Content Vault

What’s in the CV Content Vault?  Check out this highlight reel from some of our recent films.  All of the video content that we make is designed to get Seekers interested in talking about the Gospel.  We are obsessed with figuring out what type of storytelling will help lead people towards Christ.  Some of the films are animated explainer-style videos, some are mini-documentaries, and some are inspiring parables on scriptural themes.  We hope this video content will be able to boost our Social Partners’ social media presence, and are excited to see the reponse they get from Seekers in their communities.

Is Your Church Interested in Social Partners?

We are currently in a beta testing phase for this program. So, it’s only open to our CV Outreach members.  In the coming weeks, we are excited to hear from them on how this program helps their churches in their social media outreach efforts.  If you are interested in Social Partners, but aren’t a part of our CV Outreach program yet, what are you waiting for?  Join CV Outreach, and let us help you connect you to Seekers through your church website.

You can visit cvoutreach.com/social-partners to find out more.